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Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances related to the male sex hormones, called androgens.

Under Federal law it is illegal to possess or distribute anabolic steroids for non-medical uses. However, heavy demand has generated a black market with estimated sales of up to $400 million a year!
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Simple facts that the majority of the people are unaware of about the steroids


The simply put and anabolic steroids are dangerous. Simpler they are always a sword with two edges, that which are an illegal indulgence and also that which damage irreparably a person the 'health of S. Steroides used in particularly the great amounts above long a duration, character of cause and health issues which seem only too late when the user is already a fanatic.


On the short-term and anabolic steroids help by building the muscle well modified the tonality. They particularly improve the physical execution for athletes. However this side apparently coloured of the steroids cannot exceed potential the mortals side effects which follow the movement. The negative ones of the abuse steroids do not need any exaggeration because only they threaten enough.


For starters, the abuse prolonged steroid affects thereafter negatively, the reproductive system. The male users of the steroids suffer the impotence, reduce their account of sperm of their testicle of 'product of S and reduce even considerably their size of testicle.

On the one hand, the female users of the steroids anabolic test serious anomalies in their menstrual cycles. It is mainly because the steroids anabolic used for one long period disturb the maturation and the release of the monthly ovules of the ovaries. In the majority of the examples, the rupture of menstrual cycle develops in problems of a fertility of long run.


The problem is coupled if the associates of male and female are the two users steroids. For them, they only can but dream about the parentage.


The negative effects devastators of the abuse steroids can only be recapitulated but not underlined. Once taken for prolonged and regular periods, the cause of steroids anabolic stopped the growth particularly in a few years of adolescence. This results from the chemical contents steroid to amplify bones with maturity and with the development such as they develop too fast too early. Bones then abruptly and more raising stop when the teenagers must continue to develop.


One observed users of steroids to have an exceptionally high rate of tumours of liver and acne involute perpetually. They have muscles of heart abnormally increased in almost all the cases observed with serious anomalies of lipid of blood. All the two induced variations steroids contribute to the high possibilities of the cardiac occurrence of disease.


Like a bride of teasing, where the steroids had given confidence distorts and seem force and of capacity, it changes into the models of behavior violent ones and extremely aggressive and the irregular unexplainable changes of mood. Moreover, where the steroids could have helped to reach good glances, it particularly changes this advantage with the increased size of centre into the majority of the years of the adolescence of men, causes the marks of end right ugly and irreversible of skin all in also increasing the occurrence of the loss resulting to the frequent cases from baldness in the males. All those generally are accompanied by the constant evils of muscle during and after the exercises.


Very young teenager and women, who employed steroids for one prolonged period, additional side effects of exposed object. Those include the male like the facial and general growth of hair of body alternated by a male like baldness. The users have a major raucous voice and the majority of the quoted cases show an abnormal enlarging and the shape of the clitoris.


If youths cannot retain the steroids unprescribed for these serious health hazards, should realize that they will finally face with the consequences to violate the laws of drug-addiction.


To determine steroids in the athletes before the important contests became obligatory and those which are unhappy to fail even a simple test of drug for the serious legal consequences of face of steroids which can include sorrows of imprisonment, fines, prohibiting or the exclusion of duration of the athletics during some time or if it is already after profit of a competition, a humiliating forfeiture of the granted trophies or the allotted medals.